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Crystal Events' experience will make your dream wedding in Barcelona, Spain an unforgettable, incomparable celebration. Crystal Events is made up of an international team of highly skilled, experienced wedding planners with different professional backgrounds.

Laura Perez - crystal events' head wedding planner

Laura Pérez's passion for Spain coupled with her organization and creativity drove her to create Crystal Events in 2007. Born in Barcelona and raised in New York City, Laura’s understanding and love for both cultures have become a great asset for all of Crystal Events' couples. Always on the lookout for breakthrough ideas and at the vanguard of wedding style, fashion and design, Laura and her team of experienced wedding coordinators have turned all of Crystal Events’ weddings into unforgettable celebrations.

Crystal Events' team has grown consistently since Laura created the company in 2007. It is currently made up of 4 people: Nuria, a Catalán native and Irish at heart, having lived there for over 5 years, she works diligently with our Couples, maintaining the highest quality of services and seamlessly planning each and every wedding. Jennifer, a Scottish native and expat in Catalonia for over 5 years, she guarantees the excellent service and high-quality planning that our Couples have grown to love. Jordi, a Catalan native having lived in the UK and Saudi Arabia, is our in-house IT and internet expert, who not only helps keep Crystal Events on the virtual map but is always coming up with newer and brighter ideas to easily manage the wedding websites that our Couples value dearly. Laura is a multi-tasker at heart, managing the team's day-to-day work, wedding planning work and combining that with creating new, inspiring experiences for our Couples.

Crystal Events' teamWith more than 12 years of combined experience, Crystal Events' team of experienced wedding planners has worked in the United States, France, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Spain and other European countries in areas such as Marketing, TV Production, Media, Coordination, Graphic Design and Theater.

From creating a lavish scenario that will wow your guests to planning the perfect backdrop for your magical wedding day, the team of experienced wedding planners at Crystal Events will use all of their know-how, experience and creativity to ensure that your wedding day is just as you'v always dreamed it would be.

Why hire Crystal Events

When you choose Crystal Events, you are assured a clearly unique, exceptional wedding and getting the very best service for less, due to our know-how and close working relationships with our exclusive providers. Among many other reasons, consider the following...   Read More


At Crystal Events, not only do we plan weddings – we also offer the possibility of giving back to the community.

We are proud to collaborate with various charities with worldwide presence whose work and dedication has made the world a better place. Click here to see how you can collaborate by making a donation in lieu of wedding favors.

Testimonial 1

"After having a lengthy conversation with Laura over the phone, we were impressed with her attention to detail  and it became clear to us then that she was the right wedding planner for us. "
Jay & Kumiko


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Testimonial 2

"Laura and her staff went above and beyond in every way. They were professional and helpful in a way that you just don't see anymore, anywhere... "
Randy & Molly


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