Frequently asked questions

Hiring a wedding planner, and organizing a wedding abroad can be daunting. We have created this FAQs page for you based on the most frequent questions posed by our past Couples. If you find that your question has not been addressed, please contact us and we will be happy to be of assistance.



I’m uncertain of where to begin in terms of budgeting for our wedding. How much does a wedding cost in Barcelona?

It is important that you are realistic when you determine your wedding budget, to avoid disappointments and unpleasant surprises later on in the planning stages. You should not only base your wedding budget on the number of guests that will be attending, but also on the standard market prices in Barcelona. Every country has its peculiarities, so it is recommendable that you determine your wedding budget based on realistic Barcelona prices, rather than based on what the realistic prices are for a wedding back home.

Many foreigners believe that services in Barcelona are affordable and cheap; however this is not quite right when it comes to budgeting for a wedding. Although you will get more value for your money, it is important for you to take into account what the overall costs for a wedding will be.

Approximately 70% of your total wedding budget will go towards the catering aspect of the wedding. This is due to the fact that caterers in Spain provide everything related to the reception – the per person price is not just limited to the food. Among other services, the linens, cutlery, crockery, staff and all necessary kitchen equipment are built into the price.

Additionally, and contrary to popular belief, having a lobster dinner doesn’t necessarily mean that the menu price will sky-rocket. There are various factors that can substantially increase or decrease the menu price, such as:

  • The wedding venue’s peculiarities in terms of logistics, equipment and catering conditions
  • The catering company’s fixed costs
  • The number of guests attending your wedding -  the more people attend your wedding, the lower the menu price is per person and viceversa: the fewer people attend your wedding, the higher the menu price will be per person.

Crystal Events will always work together with you to maximize your budget; we know how a budget can spiral out of control! However it is important for you to allot a realistic budget for a Barcelona wedding to ensure that your wedding vision can be just as you’ve always imagined it to be!


Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding can be very stressful. Planning a wedding away from home, where they don't speak your language and in a city that you're not very familiarized with, can be even more so.

Crystal Events will be there to help reduce the stress by managing and organizing all the details. Our expertise and knowledge of the area can save you valuable time - and money - by taking care of all those details that require a good amount of research and know-how. Our DIAMOND package includes venue search and hiring, exclusive catering, photography, videography, bespoke decor and ambience as well as budget supervision and timeline planning from start to finish, among others.


Why should I hire Crystal Events rather than another wedding planner in Barcelona?

When you choose Crystal Events, you are assured a clearly unique, exceptional wedding and getting the very best service for less, due to our know-how and close working relationships with our exclusive providers. Among many other reasons, consider the following:

  • Crystal Events has been planning weddings since 2007. This experience has helped us to:
    • Create, plan and execute weddings for Couples from all around the globe;
    • Meet and surpass our Couples’ most demanding expectations;
    • Identify potential setbacks before they appear (and correct them);
    • Filter and select only the best service providers for our weddings;
    • Develop an important array of contacts and trusted advisors that can step in and help when a Couple needs extra assistance;
    • Most important of all, develop a work methodology that our Couples can benefit from. 

      We have had wonderful experiences and satisfactory experiences, and all of them have helped Crystal Events to learn, grow and become one of the most reputable wedding planners in the area. Our customer satisfaction and success is based on our experience planning weddings – something that can only be learned out “in the field” doing work hands-on. 
  • Discounts with exclusive service providers that are passed on to you due to our work volume, coordinating numerous weddings every year. These discounts are not available to individuals or clients of day-only coordinators. Nine times out of ten, the discounted rates that we pass on to our Couples fully off-set the cost of hiring Crystal Events.
  • Crystal Events’ exclusive providers have been chosen based on their work performance, quality and adaptability. We can vouch for their services and will make sure they perform as expected on your wedding day.
  • Crystal Events’ knowledge of current market rates enables us to help you develop a realistic wedding budget for the wedding you envision, and most importantly, stick to that budget! We are professional wedding planners, familiar with budgeting, contractual agreements and reasonable market rates – as well as all of the arrangements that are set in motion months before the wedding.
  • Crystal Events is a resource for you. We will be your “go-to” person for etiquette, wedding-related questions and will keep the planning time line moving forward. We will also be there when you need help keeping emotions and relationships from straining during planning. Without us, you will need to research answer and solve problems yourself - no easy task for a Bride-to-be!
  • Crystal Events will offer support every step of the way to help you avoid costly planning mistakes, saving you time and money.

Most importantly, pay attention to your instincts! Do you feel that Crystal Events has listened to your ideas, been courteous and promptly returned your phone calls as you’ve become acquainted? If you don’t feel good about the treatment you’ve received to date, it won’t improve after you hire them, so you should feel completely confident that the wedding planner you hire will have your best interests in mind and will work with you as a partner to create the clearly unique, exceptional Barcelona wedding that you’ve always dreamed of!


Can we afford a Wedding Planner?
Couples often believe that hiring a wedding planner is something that they can't afford. It's not true! Hiring a wedding planner can actually help you save money.

Crystal Events will provide you with a comprehensive budget analysis to determine costs and cut back on expenses. Our knowledge and expertise can save you time and keep you from making costly mistakes.


Will we have a choice of venues, entertainment, locations, etc.?

Yes, Crystal Events will provide you with a portfolio of different venues based on your budget and personal preferences. You will receive different options of weddings menus to ensure that your wedding meal is a culinary experience that everyone will enjoy. Crystal Events will also provide proposals for entertainment, decor, and all other services for you to choose from. We will work closely with you to turn your dream Barcelona wedding into reality!


How do we pick the details of our wedding such as flowers and table settings if we are not in Barcelona prior to the wedding?
Crystal Events will be in constant contact with you during the planning process. Distance won't become a drawback because we will provide you with multiple options for each aspect of the wedding, so you can choose what's right for you.


Can we have a rehearsal before the wedding?
Yes, though they are not always necessary. At your request, a rehearsal can be arranged as part of an addition to your package.


Will our wedding planner be present at our wedding?
Of course!  Crystal Events will be present the day of your wedding to oversee all the details. We will be at your side so that you can enjoy your wedding day with your loved ones without having to worry about anything at all.


What about accommodations for guests that will attend the wedding?
From booking their hotel to arranging sightseeing tours during their stay, Crystal Events will assist your guests and make sure they enjoy their trip to the fullest.