Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonian region in Spain, is a magical city. Its breathtaking architectural masterpieces are the perfect backdrop for a stunning Barcelona Wedding.

Its architectural treasures can be found turning any random corner, whether it be a storefront or a restaurant, a church or a bank; its beauty will sweep you off your feet.

Barcelona, as well as the whole of the Catalonian region, has many well-hidden treasures and masterpieces to hold your magical Barcelona Wedding. There are Medieval Palaces, Castles, Mansions - venues dating back to the early XII century - historial buildings that played an important role in the history of Spain...there are also sophisticated, modern locations that unite the contemporary and the old.

We offer a wide array of unique, exceptional venues that will suit the grandest of weddings to smaller, more intimate affairs. What type of venue have you dreamed of for your magical Barcelona wedding?

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  photos from Barcelona