Barcelona wedding

Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonian region in Spain, is a magical city. Its breathtaking architectural masterpieces are the perfect backdrop for a stunning Barcelona Wedding.

Its architectural treasures can be found turning any random corner, whether it be a storefront or a restaurant, a church or a bank; its beauty will sweep you off your feet. Combined with the locals’ hospitality, succulent food and delicious wine, Barcelona has been catapulted into the ranking of the top 5 most visited European cities. In 2012 alone, Barcelona had more than 10,5 million visitors and has become a magnet for international congresses such as the Mobile World Congress and the Cardiology Congress, as well as one of the main ports on the cruiseliners’ routes.

Barcelona, as well as the whole of the Catalonian region, has many well-hidden treasures and masterpieces to hold your luxurious Barcelona Wedding. There are Medieval Palaces, Castles, Mansions - venues dating back to the early XII century - historical buildings that played an important role in the history of Spain...there are also sophisticated, modern locations that unite the contemporary and the old.

All those who have been to Spain have experienced delicious 3-course lunches, delectable café con leche served with a scrumptious bocadillo de jamón, or the mind-blowing tapas that can be found in any run-of-the-mill, ordinary neighborhood bar. Unsurprisingly, Barcelona and Catalonia as a whole has become a reference when it comes to the culinary world, with 63 Catalan restaurants boasting Michelin stars. Given Spaniards’ high culinary demands, you are guaranteed that your guests will be talking about your Barcelona wedding for years to come!

Sitting on the Mediterranean coastline, Barcelona boasts a mild climate and sun-filled days year-round . Even in the depth of winter, it is quite common for locals to have lunch at an outdoor café, enjoying the sun bathing their skin and soaking up some vitamin D. The beach season begins quite early here; depending on the season, locals can begin going to the beach as early as April. So, whether you are looking for a wedding combined with a beach holiday or more of a cultural experience, you have come to the right place.

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  photos from Barcelona